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name:SATA 7+15pin model:product
Product number:ST-29 clicks:4893
product description:
Cable: 26AWG black
Power wire: 18 AWG
Available red, black and yellow
Operating temperatures: -25 to 85°C
Electrical test
Hi-pot test: 300V DC
Insulation resistance: 5MΩ (minimum)
Contactor resistance: 1Ω (maximum)
100% open short and miss wire test

    Connector: SATA 7+15p 90° female to SATA 7p 180° to dual 4p IDE
    Housing: PBT/LCP
    Terminal: phosphor bronze and gold plated
    Power cable: UL1007 18AWG, tinned copper
    Customized lengths and colors are welcome
    Mechanical test

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- 体彩泳坛夺金任二|体育彩票泳坛夺金查询
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